Thursday, April 23, 2015

#161 Volunteer

I knew I’d had this dream before. I couldn’t actually remember when, but it all looked familiar. I was in the high school cafeteria with everyone in the whole school. Up at the front, an old guy in a grey suit was talking into the microphone.

“We are sorry we can not help you more,” he said.

Suddenly the cafeteria became a concert hall, and the same old man was in a tux and tails, up there on the stage. His voice filled the auditorium. “If we were to try and come to your aid, Voraak’s forces would destroy us. This is the best we can do.”

Voraak. I knew that name. They’d told us before. That’s what this was about. Voraak was coming.

Now we were all outside, seated on a grassy slope. Down below the old man had some kind of forest ranger uniform on. The kid next to me scratched at his bare knee.

“We need volunteers,” he said. “Even though we can not hope to defend your world, we can teach you how to defend yourselves.”

This was a fun dream. I didn’t want to wake up.

“When Voraak comes, he will bring great changes with him. Your world will be enslaved as many others have been. None of the weapons you now have will be any use against him. You must learn to use the same powers he wields. There is very little time.”

Now we were on a space station. I could see Earth out the window, a huge curving arc of blue and white in an ocean of stars. The old man stood at the front of the room, dressed in silvery robes.

“Who will volunteer to defend your world against Voraak’s invasion? Who will train with us and prepare to meet him? If you are willing, stand up.”

This was the best dream I’d had in ages, or at least since I’d had it last time I’d had it, though I couldn’t quite remember when that was. Sure, I’d fight this Voraak. It sounded exciting.

I stood up.

The old man was right in front of me.

“Thank you,” he said, and touched my forehead.

I actually felt the touch. In my dreams, things don’t usually actually touch me.

I woke up. In my bed. Everything normal. Two minutes before my alarm went off.

What a disappointment. It had only been a dream.

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