About Story Flare

I love writing stories. I always have. Every day I see a story in something, and I want to share it.  I see things that other people don't see, just like you do, and only when we look at the world through more eyes than our own can we see things clearly.

All Story Flare stories are drafted in fifteen minutes or less, then minimally revised. This is just a place to put into words whatever comes into my head.

Many of these stories are only beginnings. Some are endings. A few belong in the middle of a larger story. Most of my ideas for Story Flare I'd only been thinking about for less than twenty-four hours, but others I'd carried with me for years.

Ebook and print versions of Storyflare are available on Amazon.com.

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca J. Carlson

Visit my author website: RebeccaJCarlson.com

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