Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#159 Mothership 2

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The plants of mother’s garden had always seemed weak and frail next to the thick, broad leaves, fat tree trunks, and heavy vines that covered most of the bottom of the crater. Dawn snapped a ripe green pea pod from the thin stem of a garden plant as she passed by and popped it into her mouth, enjoying the crisp taste and sweet juice. Here were things Mother had named for her, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, potatoes. Outside the garden were things for Dawn to name. She thought about what to call the round, yellowish fruit in her hand that she had brought with her from beneath the crater’s rim. Moon fruit, she decided, after the bright yellow moon. She hoped this fruit would be something she could eat. It smelled delicious.

The door slid open for Dawn as she came close to the round, white home she shared with Mother, Aiko, and the drones, Ganymede and Callisto. Callisto had been buzzing around overhead as she and Aiko had been out walking, but she wasn’t sure where Ganymede was. She could check his cam when she got inside.

“I found a new fruit, mother,” Dawn said. “Will you analyze it for me?”

“Put it in,” Mother’s voice said. “And come over here, I want you to see this.”

A panel in the wall slid out and Dawn dropped her fruit inside. The panel rolled shut again, and Dawn could hear the whir of her fruit being shredded up into tiny pieces for analysis.

Dawn ran to Mother’s place by the wall and gave her a hug, felt her warm, soft arms around her.

“I’m going to dim the lights,” Mother said.

The door rolled shut and the lights in the home grew soft and red.

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