Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#173 Journey to the Future 3

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There was someone, or something, waiting for me at the gate to the city.

Gleaming metal walls rose three stories over my head. It made me wonder what they were trying to keep out, or maybe keep in. The wide road I’d been walking along, except for when a passing truck gently beeped to encourage me to move out of the way, maybe as if I were a stray cow, passed in under a wide arch in the wall. I couldn’t see any doors, but then maybe they were the kind that rolled aside and were hidden in the wall.

I still hadn’t seen any other people.

The something standing by the gate at first I took for some kind of public art. It had hinged metal legs, six of them, and a spherical body of black glass. When I came close, it spoke to me.

“Ryan?” It was my sister’s voice.

“Cathy?” I stepped closer to the sphere. Inside the black sphere, beneath the surface, I saw an image of her face, like a hologram, like she was trapped there inside the glass.

“They’ve said I can record a message for you, so here goes,” Cathy’s face said. She looked exhausted, worried, but hopeful. “They’re taking us away while they clean up the mess we’ve made. And then they’re going to bring us back, but it will take longer than a hundred years, they say. If you want, you can come join us. We’re going to another planet, Ryan. You’d be so excited.”

“Cathy,” I said again, even though I knew she couldn’t hear me. “Who? Who’s taking you away?”

“I hope you got here safely, and that the pod worked and everything. You never did test sending it forward more than a couple of weeks, so, well, I hope you made it.” I could hear a tremble in her voice. “Please come find us,” she said.

Her image disappeared.

“Is that all?” I asked the black sphere. “Where’s Cathy now? Who’s she talking about? Who took her away?”

The thing began to move, its legs lifting gracefully and touching down gently so that the sphere seemed to levitate over the ground. It took a few steps through the arch, and then paused as if waiting for me to follow.

I stepped into the city.

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