Monday, March 23, 2015

#138 No, you can't get to Nome

Guest post by Colin Carlson

There is no way to Nome. At least, not from where you are. There is a way to Nome in Lynn. But you can't get to Lynn.

Well, you could get to Lynn, I guess, if you went through Shalp. But you can't reach Shalp. Unless, of course, you could climb Eribus. But you can't get to Eribus either.

Well, I suppose Eribus isn't hard to reach from Thoryn. But Thoryn has impassible walls. But maybe there is a way into Thoryn through the passages beneath Zhyl. But the only way to Zhyl is in Cleria, which you can't get to without passing through Tyril, which you can't get to without going to Zekkada first.

So no, you can't get to Nome. But you could go to Faaz, which is almost as good.

Or, you could go through the dark forest to Zekkada, across the mesa desert to Tyril, then through the winding pass to Cleria, then take the ferry down the river to Zhyl, then somehow get into the underground tunnel maze, and then find your way to Thoryn, then walk the road to Eribus, climb to the cliff city Shalp, find the hidden tunnel to Lynn, which has the only bridge across the infinite abyss to Nome.

Or, if you can fly, you can skip all that.

But if you can't, then really, don't even consider getting to Nome. Try Faaz, you're much closer. And, I hear the food is better.

So honestly, just go to Faaz.


Since I obviously can't persuade you to go to Faaz, why not go to Merek instead? or maybe Twyl? No? You do seem very set on getting to Nome, though you can't get there.

You know what? Good luck. Have fun on your trip. I have no more advice for you. Go. Get going. Get out of here!

But remember, if you ever give up, I'll be in Faaz.

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