Monday, February 2, 2015

#98 The Brine Shrimp

Once upon a time a tiny brine shrimp drifted out in the middle of the vast, blue ocean, somewhere between the sunny surface and the dark, cool depths. He drifted and swam, lazily moving with the current, until all of a sudden, he saw a huge octopus coming straight for him.

The brine shrimp was scared. He was sure the octopus was going to eat him! It wasn’t any use trying to swim away, so he puffed himself up as big as he could and yelled, “You better get out of here, octopus! You don’t want to mess with me!”

And would you believe the octopus didn’t eat him? No, the octopus just swam right on by.

Now the brine shrimp was feeling pretty good about himself, and he kind of swished when he swam in a tough-guy sort of way. He’d scared off a big, hungry octopus! But it wasn’t very long before the brine shrimp caught sight of a gigantic shark coming straight toward him!

The brine shrimp was terrified! That shark was going to eat him for sure. With his teeny heart pounding, he shouted out, “Better steer clear, Mr. Shark! I scared off an octopus not ten minutes ago, and I could whup you too!”

And would you believe it, the shark didn’t eat him. No, that shark just swam right on by.

Now the brine shrimp was feeling mighty fine. He had scared off a hungry octopus and a hungry shark all in one day. He sure was one fierce creature of the sea!

But then off in the distance the brine shrimp saw a great dark shadow, slowly getting closer, and closer. It was a monstrous whale! This time the brine shrimp wasn’t even worried, not one little bit. “You wanna eat me, whale? Well, tough luck! I already scared off an octopus and a shark today, so I’m not afraid of you either! Come on and try!”

And would you believe, that whale swam right up to the brine shrimp and ate him. Because that’s what whales do.

The End.

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