Thursday, January 29, 2015

#95 The Dragonslayer

A single claw stretched forward out of the shadow of the cave, then another, and another, each of them as long as a man was tall. Green scales glittered gold in the late afternoon sun as the dragon’s head emerged. Its blazing eyes stared down at the tiny figure before it. “Who dares challenge me?” it boomed in a voice like thunder.

“It is I, Alfred the Dragonslayer!” shouted the armored man on horseback. “I have slain a hundred dragons and you will be the one-hundred and first!”

The dragon roared in fury. “I will avenge my one hundred brothers! You will die before sundown this day!”

A terrible wind rushed over the dragonslayer as the mighty dragon beat its wings. The horse panicked and threw its rider to the ground as the dragon rose higher and higher in the air. The dragonslayer stood and watched in awe as his terrible foe circled higher and higher into the blue, until it was nothing more than a blot against the bright sky, a long, lithe body with wings outstretched, graceful as a swan but terrible as lightning.

The dragon’s shadow changed, the wings contracted, and the dragonslayer trembled. It was like looking down the shaft of an arrow aimed straight for his heart.

Screaming a battle cry, the dragon dove. Faster and faster it came. The dragonslayer cowered behind his shield, waving his puny sword. He knew he was no match for this dragon. He had finally met his end. The dragon’s jaws opened wide, ready to snatch him off the ground in a single bite. He could feel the flame drawing closer, the dragon was almost upon him…

“George! Time to come in for dinner!” George’s mother called.

“But Mom, I’m in the middle of a game!” George called back.

“Hurry up and finish,” Mom said.

“Okay!” George called back.

George leapt back into the air, flapping his wings until he was high above the toy knight again. Then he swooped down and chomped.

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